• Gus Fimple

"You Can't Change the World By Being Like Everyone Else"

Rarely does one find inspiration from rest stop graffiti... However in this case, I found the titled quote to be quite on the nose.

In marketing, I compare this to the ages old parental adage, "If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?" Are all the realtors or lawyers in your area rushing to get their faces on billboards? Are chiropractors and massage therapists on every page of your local family-oriented magazine publication? If you're trying to compete for the minds of prospective customers, does doing the same thing everyone else in your industry is already doing, really make sense? Sure, with a great ad or an extremely compelling message or offer (which, if I'm being blunt, you may think you do, but you probably don't), you're just another voice in a churning ocean of advertising. Most consumers are just trying to get their ship from one shore to the next as quickly and safely as possible. If you want to be seen or heard, you need to slap their starboard side harder than the waves their used to being hit with every day.

Think outside the box (or hire a firm that specializes in out-of-box thinking...shameless plug). Be a trendsetter.. Be that obnoxious dealer, screaming at everyone through their car radio every other break. Be that cosmetic surgeon who unabashedly displays beautiful bodies on billboards all over town. Be Different!

If you're the biggest beer brewer in the country with money to burn, sure, you can afford to waste your budget throwing spaghetti at a wall, but for most businesses, you need a focused strategy and an idea of what "success" will look like, before you spend that first dollar.

Fortune Favors the Bold. Be bold... you might just change the world.

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